3. Kids' Zone

Welcome to the kids zone! Check out the sea turtle nest replica on the wall near the window. Loggerhead sea turtles actively nest on Hilton Head Island beaches starting in May, with the last nest hatching in October. Loggerheads usually lay about 120 eggs that will hatch about 60 days after being laid. Once the baby turtle rips through its eggs shell with a small egg tooth, located on its snout, it begins moving towards the surface. Once a hatchling is close to the top of the nest, still buried in the sand, it will stop and wait for the sand to cool. This indicates that it is night time, and a good time to head out of the nest and towards the ocean.

Hilton Head Island usually has over 300 nests on its 14 miles of beach. If you see a marked nest or if you are lucky enough to see a live sea turtle please remember that all sea turtles are protected by the endangered species act. Please do not disrupt the nest or the sea turtle.